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Bailame el agua / Movie (DVD)

Cine en Español espanol

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DVD Informattion

- Starring: Antonio Dechent, Benjamín Seva, Beatriz Sánchez.

- Director: Josecho San Mateo

- Encoding: Región 1 - NTSC

- Format: Color

- Rated: NR (Not for children under 18 years)

- Release Date: Nov. 23, 2004

- Run Time: 106 min.

- Languages: Spanish (Español)

- Subtitles: English (Fill me with life)

Movie Information

- General: 2000 - Spain - 106 min. - Feature, Color. 

- Genre/Type: Drama, Urban Drama.

- Themes: Prostitutes, Inner City Blues, Down on Their Luck.


David y Carlos, dos veinteañeros cansados de convencionalismos, deciden vivir en la calle, buscándose la vida día a día. Durante una de sus poco inspiradas improvisaciones musicales en el Metro, David descubre a María, que poco a poco se irá convirtiendo en una obsesión para él. También María odia su trabajo y su vida vulgar, quiere escapar y pronto se lanzará a la calle con David. A partir de ese momento la vida les arrastra, les engulle y las situaciones se van complicando como un torbellino que les conducirá sin remedio al abismo. O quizá no...


This Spanish drama takes an unblinking look at the grim realities of life among Madrid's economically and spiritually underprivileged underclass. David (Unax Ugalde) is a homeless man who struggles to get by with the help of his friends — dope-dealing Carlos (Juan Diaz), cheerful but misguided Abundio (Fede Celada), and half-bright Titanlux (Benjamin Seva). One day, David meets a beautiful woman, Maria (Pilar Lopez de Ayala), and is immediately smitten. He sets out to earn her affections, and as Maria is charmed by David's ardor (as well as his poetry), she quits her job at a diner to be with him. David and Maria move in to Carlos' apartment, but Carlos' girlfriend Elena (Beatriz Sanchez) is not at all happy with their presence and asks them to leave. Desperate to earn some money, David makes the acquaintance of Facundo (Antonio Dechent), a high-level drug dealer who supplies Carlos with his product.

Facundo recruits David as a new salesman and he starts pushing heroin on the streets, quickly making enough money to afford an apartment for Maria and himself. But Maria is eager to make some extra money of her own, and when she meets Veronica (Beatriz Arguello), a prostitute living in their building, she follows her lead and is soon turning tricks on the side; when David finds out about her new career, he soon turns to heroin to ease his heartbreak. Bailame El Agua's soundtrack features the song "But By Your Side" by Los Secretos — grimly ironic, since vocalist Enrique Urquijo, who helped write the song, died of a drug overdose by the time the film appeared in Spanish theaters..

Source: All Movie Guide





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