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Besame mucho / DVD (Cine venezolano)

Cine en Español espanol

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DVD Informattion

- Starring: Amparo Grisales, Gustavo Rodriguez, Ruddy


- Director: Philippe Toledano

- Encoding: Region 1 - NTSC

- Format: Color, Widescreen - Dolby Digital 2.0

- Rated: NR

- Release Date: Mayo 20, 2003

- Run Time: 90 min.

- Languages: Spanish (Español)

- Subtitles: English

Movie Information

- General: 1994 - Venezuela - 90 min. - Feature, Color

- Genre/Type: Thriller, Crime Thriller, Psychological Thriller

- Themes: Dangerous Attraction, Lovers on the Lam

- Domestic Box Office: N/A

- Theatrical Release Date: 1994

- Production Budget: N/A


At millenium's end, a psychopath is terrorizing a major Latin city. Chased by the police, he seeks refuge in the home of a woman (Amparo Grisales) who has been recently abandoned by her politician lover. During their hours together, the woman and the killer form a bond based on their experiences with violence and abandonment. The police track down the murderer, and a tense standoff begins. This unusual Mexican thriller skillfully blends the thriller and romance genres.








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