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En la puta vida / Movie DVD

Cine Hispano - Películas en espanol.

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DVD Informattion

- Starring: Mariana Santangelo, Silvestre, Josep Linuesa.

- Director: Beatriz Flores Silva.

- Encoding: Region 1 - NTSC

- Format: Color

- Rated: R

- Release Date: May 18, 2004

- Run Time: 100 min.

- Languages: Español

- Subtitles: English

Movie Informattion

- General: 2001 - Uruguay / Spain / Cuba - 100 min. - Color

- Genre/Type: Drama, Melodrama, Social Problem Film.

- Themes: Romantic Betrayal, Down on Their Luck, Prostitutes.

- Domestic Box Office: N/A

- Theatrical Release Date: N/A

- Production Budget: N/A


Elisa, una joven uruguaya de 27 años, sueña con abrir una peluquería en Montevideo. Sin recursos y con dos niños a los que cuidar, y con un carácter rebelde, Elisa rompe con su familia y con su amante y se queda sin trabajo, todo al mismo tiempo. Sin otra salida, comienza a trabajar como acompañante, pero pronto se convierte en prostituta y se ve envuelta en un tráfico internacional de mujeres y una guerra de clanes.


Turf wars between Uruguayan hookers and Brazilian drag queens are just one of the highlights of Tricky Life, a serious but humorous look at women, poverty, and white slavery. When Elisa (Mariana Santángelo), a single mother of two, is kicked out of her mother's house in the middle of a rainstorm, she goes to her current lover, a married, middle-aged store keeper, for help. He finds her an apartment in Montevideo, where Elisa lives with her best friend Loulou.

The two women want nothing more than to open their own hair salon, but can't find the necessary money to do so. Deciding prostitution is the easiest way to go for financing, they find a respectable brothel to call their workplace. Things go fairly smoothly until Elisa falls for Placido, an older, smooth-talking Spaniard who seduces her with his smooth manner and talk of riches to be had in Barcelona. Abandoning both her children and a good portion of her common sense, Elisa, with Loulou in tow, follows Placido to Barcelona, where she soon discovers that Placido is better at making promises than actually keeping them. Tricky Life was screened at the 2002 Philadelphia Festival of World Cinema.

Source: All Movie Guide



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